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John M. Peters - Attorney at Law

John M. Peters - Attorney at Law
Who is John M. Peters?

John has been a trial attorney in the State of Michigan and the federal courts for more than 39 years in the area of police litigation. John’s participation in the sport of Schutzhund (a canine competition in tracking, obedience, and handler protection) intersected with his legal background and soon led to requests from police K-9 units and organizations for John to serve as an author and instructor on laws affecting K-9 deployments. John continues to conduct K-9 legal seminars and serve as a legal consultant to the law enforcement K-9 community.

John’s Testimonial:

“First, NCATS uses technology to reduce the travel, expense and lost time associated with obtaining certifications on the national or regional levels. With the NCATS system, the only thing traveling is the video record of your training performance. Secondly, NCATS’ system creates a permanent video record of your certification performance. Paper records are nice, but video is far more valuable when it is time to go to court. As the saying goes, ‘One picture is worth a thousand words.’ Dash cams have revolutionized incident review by command and the courts. Body cams promise to take this to the next level. Now there is a video option for canine handlers to improve their chances in court. Thirdly, you will not have to go searching for NCATS’ certifying experts when it is time to go to court. NCATS’ experts will be there to explain to attorneys, judges and juries exactly how and why you qualify to perform the task which is at issue. NCATS represents the next generation in the documentation and defense of canine certification. Embrace the future.”

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